The brocante (Fleamarket)

Do you, like me, have the brocante (flea market) bug?

Here is a pleasure I gladly share: Exploring the flea markets in the early morning in the village squares, shaded by the “platanes”  planes trees, is one of my pleasures…. almost a passion. I go with friends who come to visit and with my mother and my wonderful daughters. What could be nicer than going bargain-hunting with like-minded people? We all pile into my old Renault 4 (of which I am very proud!) and the journey can begin. This is how the pleasure of wandering around begins: looking for that one treasure among all the beautiful things, perhaps hidden in an old suitcase or in the middle of a pile of small things. The emotions from all these things – like books or furniture – bring back distant memories of scents, places, and people. The imagination has awakened! You imagine the person who used the object, but most of all you imagine the beautiful finds when you dust or lightly restore them and then find a unique place to put them at home or in one of the cottages. What a satisfying pleasure!…

If you want, we will start again

  • Barjac:                   2x a year the town is dominated by its antique market. Barjac is located 30 km south of Vallon Pont d’Arc. This is the largest antique market in southern France and it takes place during the Easter weekend and around August 15th, and it lasts 4 days. This market has approximately 340 stalls.
  • Vallon Pont d’Arc:  The first Sunday of the month, 30 stalls – Sunday, May 19th Olive Festival – – July Lavender festival .:
  • Uzes:                   Every Sunday.
  • Aubenas:             Every Sunday with 50/120 stalls.
  • Nimes:                 Every Sunday morning with 250/300 stalls.
  • Grospierre:          August 1, Brocante Markt,-
  •  Bourg Saint Andéol: The first Saturday of the month